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BKOH6N6KP5Fix for error "Required attribute 'hosttype' was not provided" when importing docs using DXL. With this fix, the hosttype was changed to an optional...
DEGN8LFE64Fixes issue where the event handler namespace changes when added to controls from Extension Library
VMAA8GCM9AFix resolves an issue within Designer Java Script Editor, where changes within the java library were not saved when library was reopened after...
MLED8MRQRXFix resolves a regression introduced in 8.5.3 within Designer where previewing XPages in the client failed if http preview port...
DOCR8RCSR3Fixes issue where the Designer JavaDataPanel API does not detect 'value' attribute of selected tag.
HOKA8NUCH6Fix resolves a 'NullPointerException' when opening xPages with underscores in user generated Java Class Names in Designer. This was a regression...
VMAA8E4J36Fixed an issue that prevented designer user from creating an agent with the same name. This issue only occurred with agents with a trigger of 'Agent...
SODY8Q9KNAResolved issue in Designer Client where Designer will resign design elements on Start Up.
GGRD8R4QNNFixes issue where application icon information and buttons are missing after a close and then reopen of the icon properties in Windows...
DPOL8ESEKW Fixed an issue where Domino Designer would crash when viewing/updating design elements for clients where an NTLM proxy is enabled.
PCHE8RFS79Fixes issue where sharing and checking out mail database using the Subversive SVN source control plugin causes Lotusscript error, "Not a sub or...
RGAU8MSJU5 Fixes issue where the error "Error Loading Use Or Uselsx Module" is received in Designer when updating the language regional setting to...
TCAR8GQKHNCorrects editor action in Designer so that editors remember panel size settings for subsequent launches.
GGRD8RWTMM Fixes local Web preview failure in Designer after the Notes Client with Designer is installed. This is a regression from release...
JVSE8GKGSXFixed an issue with a Java OutOfMemoryError found when using Domino Designer for XPages development.
MLED8MDHXUFixes a "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException" when using java design elements with underscores in the name and fewer than 4 characters after...


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